About Us

Babeehive offers an eccentric line of kids clothing online by some of the most accomplished designers in India. Our exclusive collection is curated to make every day a special one for the little ones, assuring 100% comfort and quality.

Our unique selection is inspired by the warmth and joy babees bring to ones lives, and boasts of creating some of the most treasured childhood memories. We present ourselves as a platform to raise the young ones with utmost care and comfort, just like a bee is raised in the comfort of honey in a beehive.

At Babeehive, we are committed to yield our consumers value for time and money by offering a pain free shopping experience. Hence we propose clothes suitable for every occasion and time, making each moment an extraordinary one. Our vibrant collection entails the most trendy casual wear, the most classic party wear, the most warm yet fashionable winter wear, the most stylish ethnic wear, the most chic swim wear, the most fun night wear as well as the most comfortable onesies and swaddles for newborns. We provide for a variety of choices, from the most affordable gifting solutions to high-end luxury wear for newborns up to 10 years old.

The attention to detail and use of organic and natural fibers are proper for the sensitive skin of the young ones. Our clothing goes through a series of checking before being shipped to our consumers. Our designers use the most gentle, soft and natural cloths so that the children can be at ease the entire day.

Our exclusive collection aims at celebrating every child and bringing the best out of it, thus paraphrasing Shakespeare,

“And though they be but little, they are fierce”